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Reward Time at TLC USA - we reveal a little bit more about our rewards!

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 01 May

Brands who switch to the TLC ‘everyone wins’ model don't go back. We tailor rewards based on the target demographic and every single customer is given the chance to enjoy the best of life; whether it’s a live concert, dining out, a sports lesson, festival tickets, amusement park admission, skiing, beauty, or health and wellness experiences; it gives them the push to get out and make the most of life.

Reward possibilities are endless but we reveal the ones our biggest clients love; perfect for the summer, the 2016 Olympics and all delivered for the same cost as a cash back or coupon campaign. 

1. Fun Pass. A world of dynamic experiences – a meaningful, memorable day out that creates more memories than coupons and typical promotions ever could. Family is not an important thing; it’s everything. Free nationwide admissions this summer to Theme Parks, Roller Skating, Zoo’s, Aquariums, Laser Tag, a free game of Bowling or a free game of Mini Golf.

2. Sports. A Perfect alignment for any industry to integrate into their 2016 Olympics strategy. Help kids train like their Olympic hero and reward purchase with a free Swimming lesson, Golf lesson, Martial arts lessons (Karate, Judo, Taikwondo, Jiu jitsu, Myai Tay, etc) or a free Tennis lesson.

3. Movies. A ticket to the world of imagination and your customers appreciation. This Halloween send every single customer to see the release of Scouts vs. Zombies, or thank loyal customers this summer with a free movie ticket to see the release of Ted 2, Minions Terminator, Magic Mike XXL or The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. TLC USA movie vouchers are redeemable nationwide throughout the top 4 chains at over 1500 theatres. They are unique in that they cover the entire cost of the ticket. 

It works like this. TLC has a nationwide network of reputable partners; the salons, theatres, the parks, everywhere that customers redeem their rewards. We are always expanding our networks and partners to the newest and the most popular venues, hotels, sports and technologies. We are able to reward every single customer because of these partners. They love being a part of the TLC network as they see an increase in customers, an increase in exposure and it fills up their bookings in the off – peak periods. Everyone really wins for the TLC everyone wins campaigns.

There are more reward reveals to come but in the meantime, for more information contact USA@TLCMarketing.com