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Rewarding With Health & Fitness Wearables

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 13 April

With the recent release of the Apple Watch, there’s a whole lot of buzz surrounding wearables and fitness watches. The market revolution for these devices is growing five times faster than that of the smart phone* - this trend is undoubtedly huge. It is expected that 180 million wearables will be sold in 2018, a drastic increase from the 50 million units that buyers are expected to snap up this year*5

This summer period, when your customers are looking to get active and feel good, and when your competitors are offering uninspiring promotions, incentives or rewards, consider incorporating fitness wearables into your strategy.
For marketers and marketing strategies, especially those within the health and fitness industry, using fitness wearables can create a compelling value-adding promotion that can also be incorporated with a variety of TLC Marketing health and wellness rewards.

Health insurance companies are offering discounted premiums to their customers using wearables like the Fitbit to monitor health and activity levels; the more they move, the less they pay. Other insurers are incentivizing customers to get quotes and to switch providers by offering wearables. Walgreens has integrated wearables tech into their rewards program by connecting customers to the Walgreens app via their wearable to receive points toward discounts and spending for literally every step they take.

‘The wristwatch made the idea of not knowing what time it was seem bizarre; in five years it might seem bizarre not to know how many calories you’ve eaten today, or what your resting heart rate is’***.

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By Amy Robson