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Tactics for Brand Managers to Own the Summer Sales Period

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 11 February

For Americans, summer is all about getting out there - cookouts in the backyard, going on beach vacations, exploring the great outdoors, and enjoying the best in live concerts, amusement parks, and outdoor restaurants. American spend over $1,200 per person on travel between May and September, and the average budget for an outdoor festival is over $150 per person.

But what does that mean for brand managers? Those who are part of the vacation and entertainment industry will not only see a large increase in sales, but will also enter into fierce competition with industry rivals to take a larger claim of consumers’ wallets. Conversely, some feel they won’t stand a chance to capture a meaningful slice of consumer spending, and will give up.

Soon, consumers will start booking their flights and hotels and planning their perfect summer outings. What if we told you that TLC owns a partner network capable of offering the perfect summer experiences to all your consumers … for the same cost as your cash back campaign? TLC has partnered with some of the largest hotel chains, airlines, restaurants, live event providers and  theme parks which could be offered to all your consumers with the purchase of your products. Because of our commitments to our partners, we’re able to secure a price that means you can reward everyone within your same budget.

Instead of giving up on your customers’ spending for this summer, think a step further by incentivizing the purchase of your brand with our high-value rewards: helping you to connect on a deeper, emotional level with all of your consumers.

Act now! In 2015, your consumers could receive two free concert tickets, a completely free family fun pass, or a free flight to any destination of their choice … just because they bought from you.

Think it’s too good to be true? We’d love to show you how it works. Simply email usa@tlcmarketing.com to set up a quick call, and we’ll show you why this is the most effective spend for huge sales numbers and ROI.