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TLC Marketing USA knows the Value of Hispanic Consumers- launches new division that extends its expertise to the Hispanic market.

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 01 April

It’s a no- brainer. Hispanics are renowned for their love of family, connecting, and forming relationships. TLC Marketing specializes in promotions that encourage emotional connection through ‘experiences’; a perfect alignment.

‘Hispanic’, as a description, refers to an origin or ethnicity, not a race. Hispanic brand awareness, consumption patterns and usage levels are often dramatically different to the general market. TLC knows that Marketers are unable to simply transfer their efforts directly to Hispanics in the US because of historical, contextual, cultural, demographic and financial factors. Every campaign is specifically designed around the demographic, delivering memorable and emotional rewards they love.

Why Hispanic Marketing?

1. The Hispanic market is growing exponentially within the U.S & the population for 2060 is estimated to reach an incredible 128.8 million, constituting approximately 31% of the U.S*6

2. Hispanics represent 23.5% of the total Gen Z population (those born between 1995 and 2010)

3. Although the proportion of U.S. Hispanics is increasing, Marketers continue to underestimate the importance of this market*5. Classifying the culture as homogenous instead of recognizing the unique sub-groups is often detrimental to the success of campaigns. Direct translations and the use of general market strategies tend to miss the emotional and culturally relevant elements for Hispanics.

4. The Hispanic community is becoming the most influential industry voice. In terms of trendsetting, Hispanics are 31% more likely to try new products than non-Hispanics (14%), shop mobile with a phone (56% vs. 33%) and think it's fun to immerse themselves in the store atmosphere than non- Hispanics (36% vs. 13%)*4.

5. Latina moms are an extremely influential demographic & control the majority of the Hispanic purchasing power*3. 86% of Latinas say they are the primary decision makers in their households for categories including food and beverage, insurance, education and financial services. Latina moms also live in the digital world, specifically on mobile devices.

6. Research shows that while Hispanics consume every type of media, they have a special attraction to television and radio*2. Minority newspapers are also an inseparable part of the local community.

7. For TV channels, U.S Hispanics are one of the earliest adopters of the binge-viewing phenomenon.* In terms of viewing behavior, 45% said they are usually watching TV with someone else- a sentiment to the deep sense of community amongst Hispanics.

8. Key Hispanic events include National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) which recognizes the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to in the US.  Cinco de Mayo is also a key date to celebrate culture and ethnicity

For brands and marketers to succeed, they must understand the unique consumer mindset and culture of Hispanics, as well as the relationship they have with particular categories and brands.*3 Marketing efforts to Hispanics will see success when they are culturally relevant, empowering, and relevant to cultural values.

TLC Marketing USA would like to extend our campaigns, partnerships and sponsorships to the Hispanic market. If you are interested or would like more information contact Rebeca Medina, our Manager of Hispanic Marketing on +1 646 459 8860 or say hola at rebeca.medina@tlcmarketing.com

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