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How TLC Drove An 82% Increase In Transactions For Forever 21...

Posted by lorraine.bobek | 07 March

 THE CHALLENGE: Compel new and existing Forever 21 credit card holders to spend $75+ in-store or online during the crucial holiday time period when most retailers are depending on underwhelming discounts and cashback promotions.

THE TLC APPROACH: Drive action by instilling a sense of occasion - reward qualifying consumers with a $50 credit to the local live concert or sporting event of their choice.

THE SUCCESS: In comparison to the same time last year when price-based promotions were relied upon, the following results were garnered.

·              An 82% increase in transactions

·              A 78% increase in dollar sales

·              A 41% increase in credit card applications

"I love going to concerts and I love shopping at Forever 21! I bought several items I plan to wear to see Ed Sheeran in July with my friends – we’re so excited!"

For more information on this campaign, contact Lorraine Bobek at lorraine.bobek@tlcmarketing.com