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TLC Compels Busy Moms To Choose Pepperidge Farm Breads Over Competitors...

Posted by lorraine.bobek | 07 March

THE CHALLENGE: Compel busy moms to choose Pepperidge Farm breads over competitors during their grocery store visits.

Encourage loyalty among long-term Pepperidge Farm buyers in a sector where new competitors are consistently surfacing and fighting for market share.

THE TLC APPROACH: Reward her with some much-deserved "me time" by giving her a free spa treatment when she purchases any 3 loaves of Pepperidge Farm bread.

THE SUCCESS: A double-digit lift in sales compared to same time last year when discounts were depended upon (exact results remain confidential at the client's request).

The campaign's 24-hour customer service line and email portal were flooded with glowing testimonials from appreciative clients.

"We're now connecting with our consumers in a new, intimate way. Life can be hectic, and this campaign was our opportunity to give them the relaxing and personalized experience they deserve." - Business Director of Fresh & Frozen Bakery at Pepperidge Farm

For more information on this campaign, contact Lorraine Bobek at lorraine.bobek@tlcmarketing.com