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Organic Food Trends

Organic Foods are Here to Stay, and the Market is More Competitive Than Ever for Brands

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 23 March

By Amy Robson

Its old news that ‘organics’ and those foods labeled as healthy are ‘trending’; they are seeing a continual growth in popularity and are no longer an alternative to mainstream food products. Organic foods are part of the mainstream, they are here to stay.

Not only are organic foods here to stay, they are taking over the aisles and don’t come cheap. While fresh produce is the biggest organic item, consumers are looking out for organic milk, snacks, baby products, cooking oils, juices and even dog foods. There is too, a constant increase in the popularity of health, herbal and fitness supplements.

Despite the higher price, there remains a high demand from key spenders; the organics market is extremely lucrative but equally as competitive.

Baby boomers are valuing fresher, more natural offerings but surprisingly, new Moms are one of the biggest lovers of organic offerings in the FMCG industry. Moms today are nearly twice as likely to buy organic for their kids as they were in 2009* and 63% of new mums are changing their shopping habits and turning towards organics.

This consumer is desirable as they are willing to spend big in the name of organic at the same time as sales of other FMCG products sit reasonably still. With this competitive nature, brands must start looking towards promotions that invite trial, reward purchase and excite the customer. They must resonate with the Moms who only want the best for their families, and the boomers who are looking to live a healthier, more active life.

The demand is there so half the work has already been done. The competition is fierce so brands must capture as much of the sales and loyalty as they are able.

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