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  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tropitone

    Consumers who purchase any Tropitone products can stand a chance to win 1 of 30 breaks.

  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tracker

    Consumers who renew their contract with Tracker receive a bundle of rewards ranging from Pamper to a 2 for 1 movie card.

  • Absa MegaU campaign

    MegaU account holders receive a FREE movie ticket or 75MB data bundle every month!


How to make your brand stand out in store

TLC Marketing's advice on how to make your brand stand out in store from TLC Marketing

“Differentiate. Don’t discount, add value”, this was the advice given by Derek Miller, Africa Managing Director of TLC Marketing Worldwide at the POPAI SA Retail Leaders Shopper Marketing Conference held on the 21 of August in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The enlightening conference was attended by brand custodians, retailers and category specialists within the retail marketing industry. Topics discussed consisted of various point of purchase and shopper marketing associated research and development.

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Discounts alone do not make a successful promotional strategy

Advice from TLC Marketing on successful promotional strategies

South African companies spent R19bn on promotional marketing in 2013 - but only 26% of that was on value-added promotions, with the rest on price promotions. Derek Miller, Managing Director of TLC Marketing Africa, advises on how promotional marketers can correct the imbalance.

Everyone knows the four 'P's of marketing: Price, Product, Promotions and Place. Last year SA marketers spent a massive R19bn on promotional marketing: only 26% of that was spent on value-added promotions, according to a recent market sizing study by TLC South Africa. Naturally ATL marketing took the majority share of this, in order to maintain brand awareness and value for money.The rest was channelled into discounts, which suggests that even with the recession moving behind us, it looks like many brands' first thought is to discount.

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Value Perceptions expected to change says TLC Marketing Worldwide

 TLC Marketing South Africa's advice on value perceptions

Companies should re-examine their promise of value, says Preneshen Munian, Agency Director of TLC Marketing Worldwide South Africa.

"As the economy shifts into a lower gear, many companies are moving from advertising glitz and product features to talking about value. We see marketing campaigns speak of 'more for your money' or 'cost plus 3%', but often those campaigns fail to move the sales needle," says Munian.

Munian, is acutely aware that a company needs sales volumes to counteract the drop in margins that many of these "value campaigns" call for. This exposes the company to greater financial risk if sales do not materialise.

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TLC Marketing launches new division

TLC launches new sports division

With the advent of exciting summer sports upon us in South Africa from the Currie Cup to the PSL, we at TLC Marketing felt there was no better time to announce the creation of a new division specialising in Sport Marketing.

The growing Sports industry and its connection with the world of promotional campaigns, sponsorships and events is a reality. Marketing Week recently reported that Pepsi and Britvic credited marketing around major sporting events such as the World Cup and the Tour de France for boosting drinks sales in Great Britain in the last quarter.

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Sunday Times and TLC Marketing celebrate Women’s Day

Sunday Times campaign to celebrate Women's Day powered by TLC Marketing

To drive circulation and celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa, Sunday Times rewarded eligible readers with a R150 Health Spa voucher for a pamper treatment of their choice. 

Upon the purchase of the Sunday Times on the 10 of August, the reader received a R150 Health Spa Voucher. Readers were requested to SMS ‘SPA’ to the allocated number  in order to receive their redemption code.

Pamper rewards include a selection of facial, back massage, manicure and pedicure.

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