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  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tropitone

    Consumers who purchase any Tropitone products can stand a chance to win 1 of 30 breaks.

  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tracker

    Consumers who renew their contract with Tracker receive a bundle of rewards ranging from Pamper to a 2 for 1 movie card.

  • Absa MegaU campaign

    MegaU account holders receive a FREE movie ticket or 75MB data bundle every month!


TLC Marketing’s 4 top tips for Mother’s Day campaigns


Mother’s Day is the one day in the year devoted to our mums. Therefore it’s imperative that we let them know how special they are. But do you know what mums really want for Mother’s Day? Here at TLC we’ve been talking to brands worldwide about how they can create campaigns to make mothers feel special and give them what they really want.

Here are our top tips:

Number 1

Quality time with family: According to a recent survey by PriceGrabber, 44% of mums would like to spend more quality time with family. Imagine a campaign which allowed just that, like the campaign we ran for with MLC insurance in Australia http://www.tlcmarketing.com/Market/au/Article/Post/MLC-Insurance-Entertainment-Pass- where we offered 2 for 1 Cinema tickets and 2 for 1 “Days Out” with the renewal of a policy.

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TLC Marketing Africa appoints new Partnership and Content Director

TLC Marketing Africa appoints new Partnership and Content Director

TLC Marketing is proud to announce a new addition to their dynamic team, Ntsiki Balfour who will head up the Partnership and Content division of the agency. He will be responsible for the strategic direction of TLC’s partner relations, both for independent networks & key brand partnerships. He will be tasked with innovation of the department including leading the local digital transformation of some of TLC’s core reward networks.

Ntsiki has over 12 years experience in the media, sales and marketing industry, working for the likes of Viacom, ETV and the SABC. “The communication value chain is constantly evolving and challenging marketers to come up with communications that integrate seamlessly into the consumer’s life and respond to the ever fragmenting communications mode. “ I’m really excited to join TLC Marketing as they embrace this change and are pioneers in incentive marketing-led campaigns that inspire consumers to react in a way that our clients desire...” Ntsiki Balfour.

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TLC Marketing’s healthy partnership with wearables


TLC Marketing Worldwide has started working with world class wearable brands as part of their global partnership portfolio.

TLC Marketing’s Chairman, Nick True commented: “There’s an enormous opportunity in connected health and fitness, so we are thrilled to add wearables to our global partnership portfolio.  More and more customers are taking a proactive approach and responsibility for their own health and fitness, and wearble tech, smartphones and apps are rapidly becoming key user platforms.  We’ve got a couple of our clients eager to use the products in their marketing campaigns already – so watch this space.”

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TLC Marketing Worldwide takes home prize at the NC Awards


Another incredible success for the TLC Marketing Worldwide Italian office (www.tlcmarketing.com) at the NC Awards 2015 – the agency won the first prize for “ Best promotional campaign” with Ferrero K People.

All consumers who purchased multipacks were rewarded with experiences for the family to enjoy together. TLC Marketing included fun activities such as bowling, cinema, fun park free entry tickets and much more.

NC Awards is the famous Italian event dedicated to marketing, which has by now reached its 9th year. It involves all major players in the sector, professionals and marketing & communication experts.

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TLC Marketing Wins Platinum in Hermes Creative Award

TLC Marketing Wins Platinum in Hermes Creative Award

"Honoring the messengers & creators of traditional and emerging media”
TLC Marketing Worldwide has won Platinum in The Hermes Creative Awards 2015, an international awards competition.

“Hermes’ prestigious Platinum Award is presented to those entries judged to be among the most outstanding entries in the competition. Platinum winners are recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, creativity and resourcefulness“- Hermes Creative Awards

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Back to School : Say No to discounting and Yes to Adding Value

Back to school, TLC Marketing, adding value to your promotional campaigns

 Back To School. A time when coupons and rand off promotions reign king. You only have to step into retailers to see brands devaluing themselves with half-price backpacks, drink bottles, school stationary or 2 for 1 lunchbox snacks. Clothing retailers often fall victim to price cutting and bundling too, by discounting school shoes, apparel and accessories.
There is a proven way to stand out on shelf while simultaneously adding value. Offer something amazing, something fun; experiences that are exciting to your demographic. TLC Marketing creates emotional connections between brands and their customers by delivering the most engaging rewards and experiences, tailored to each demographic.
TLC Marketing USA and Reynold’s rewarded every purchase of Hefty slider bags with a free photo book to remember the summer holidays, a perfect way for Hefty to connect emotionally and drive purchase.
Don’t forget that weary parents have spent the school holidays chasing after children and juggling work with kids at home; they deserve to be rewarded. Spa treatments or the chance to kick back with dinner and a movie are the perfect treat.

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