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  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tropitone

    Consumers who purchase any Tropitone products can stand a chance to win 1 of 30 breaks.

  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tracker

    Consumers who renew their contract with Tracker receive a bundle of rewards ranging from Pamper to a 2 for 1 movie card.

  • Absa MegaU campaign

    MegaU account holders receive a FREE movie ticket or 75MB data bundle every month!


TLC Marketing Worldwide Africa appoints new MD and CEO

Derek Miller CEO Africa

TLC Marketing Worldwide - Africa is proud to announce the promotion of Agency Director Preneshen Munian to Managing Director and Derek Miller former Managing Director to the position of CEO  for Africa and the Middle East.

“With the successful growth of our business in South Africa over the last five years, I am delighted to announce our expansion into other African and Middle East Markets. We are receiving more and more requests from clients to offer our services across the whole region and not just South Africa, therefore we are looking at a number of markets to open up offices in before year end,  exciting times lay ahead for TLC Marketing” explained Miller.

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Gaby’s Earth Foods REALLY Nuts about Health!

TLC Marketings campaign for Gabys Earth Foods

Gaby’s Earth Foods is so serious about Health, they are offering consumers a free two week gym pass at any Planet Fitness Gym nationwide when a consumer purchases any two packs of Gaby’s Earth Foods. The campaign aptly named “Nuts about Health” runs till the end of October. The brand partnered with TLC Marketing Worldwide – Africa to run this health focused campaign.
It’s truly an exciting month for Gaby’s Earth Foods as the campaign culminates with the launch of their revamped packaging. According to Salgado “the decision to revamp the packaging is multi-layered. We needed to create some real brand awareness and I feel our old packaging restricted this, the packaging just didn’t accurately capture who we are as a brand. The launch of our new packaging is, in a way our coming out party to the South African market and the partnership with Planet Fitness and our newly launched Facebook page has created a platform for us to get to know more about our consumer and also for our consumers to learn more about Gaby’s Earth Foods, who we are and what we stand for”. This family run business has gone from strength to strength and with new Director Adriano Salgado managing the business we can only expect more exciting things to come.

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TLC Marketing's first 2 Campaigns in the Middle East !

TLC Marketing's first 2 Campaigns in the Middle East !


 After an extremely successful 5 years in South Africa TLC Marketing Worldwide – Africa has now embarked on its expansion plans into the rest of the continent. The growth into Africa is largely client led and the first two campaigns are for Jergens and Epson respectively.

Epson’s exciting BUY and FLY campaign entitles every Consumer who purchases any Epson product to the value of AED.600 to a Free return flight ticket to any 1 of 10 incredible Middle East destinations of their choice.

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Go Your way with BP and win your share of 300 000 prizes

TLC Marketing's campaign for BP

TLC Marketing is excited to share our first campaign in the petroleum sector for BP. The objective of the campaign was to increase spend at BP petrol stations. BP plays in a competitive fuel category with players like Shell, Engen, Sasol, Total and Caltex hence needed a campaign to differentiate themselves in the market.

Consumers who spend R300 or more at any BP petrol station nationwide stand a chance to win one of five fantastic rewards. Rewards range from Netflorist vouchers to sports tickets and 2 for 1 Movie Cards. Consumers will need to visit the dedicated mobisite, fill in their personal details and upload their till slip in order to enter.The campaign will run for two months and ends on the 20th of December. The campaign will be communicated through POS and on Radio.

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Namaqua brings friends together...

TLC Marketing's Campaign for Namaqua wines

TLC Marketing's Campaign for Namaqua speak to the concept of bringing friends together.Namaqua are experts in crafting wines to be enjoyed, pure and simple. And the best way to enjoy wine is with friends.Namaqua is the conduit for shared experiences with friends, hence the campaign Namaqua Friends.

The objective of the campaign is to increase sales whilst connecting with consumers. When the consumer purchases a box of Namaqua Sweet Rose wine they will be required to enter via a USSD line using a unique code to receive their instant rewards. Rewards range from a movie ticket, to music downloads and even pamper vouchers - rewards that you can experience with friends.The campaign is being commumicated on pack and through POS.

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