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  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tropitone

    Consumers who purchase any Tropitone products can stand a chance to win 1 of 30 breaks.

  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tracker

    Consumers who renew their contract with Tracker receive a bundle of rewards ranging from Pamper to a 2 for 1 movie card.

  • Absa MegaU campaign

    MegaU account holders receive a FREE movie ticket or 75MB data bundle every month!


Diva for the day!

TLC Marketing's campaign for Halewood

Skinny Diva Spirit Coolers are giving their Divalicious consumers a chance to win a spa voucher and be treated like a Diva for the day in their latest campaign. All the consumer needs to do is purchase any 6 pack of Halewood Skinny Diva Coolers and send their till slip via Whatsapp to stand a chance to win 1 of 250 spa vouchers. This national campaign runs from the 1st of September to the 31st of October 2016.

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From Brief to Concept and In between...

From Brief to Concept and In between...

Being passionate about designing and creativity since high school it is no surprise that the career of Ulrieke Rutter has blossomed from being the Junior Graphic Designer to the Senior Creative Designer of TLC Marketing Worldwide. We spent a minute with her to understand how she works and why she loves working at TLC.


As Senior Creative Designer, what process do you go through when working on a brief?

The process starts with a meeting discussion with the creative team once we receive a brief from the client. We then research the brand that our company is set to work with. The research comprises of determining the target market of the brand as well as looking at their competitors and their campaigns.  We then go on to brainstorm ideas for the brand which is always much of fun. This is the period where the team share laughs and jokes it’s just incredibly memorable for me. With that aside, we go forward with selecting the best rewards for the campaign idea and then we split different tasks within the team. The next part is the best, the designing stage which I absolutely take pleasure in doing. This is where I can unleash my creative side and go mad designing!

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