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  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tropitone

    Consumers who purchase any Tropitone products can stand a chance to win 1 of 30 breaks.

  • TLC Marketing's campaign for Tracker

    Consumers who renew their contract with Tracker receive a bundle of rewards ranging from Pamper to a 2 for 1 movie card.

  • Absa MegaU campaign

    MegaU account holders receive a FREE movie ticket or 75MB data bundle every month!

 Our thinking

POPAI Awards selects our CEO to be part of judging panel again this year!

TLC Marketing part of judging panel at POPAI Awards

The POPAI SA Awards recognises excellence in point-of-purchase advertising displays and in-store communication activity produced and placed in South Africa.

The awards cover 20 categories, including digital media in retail (DMiR) and is open to any designer or producer for point-of-purchase (POP) material. The entries are judged on a number of aspects, including marketing objectives and strategies, innovation, construction, use of retail space and communicative value. The judges are made up of experienced industry professionals and our CEO Derek Miller has been invited to be part of the panel yet again this year.

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Join our CEO Alec and TLC Trust

TLC trust initiative

Call me crazy, I started 2016 with a very cold sea swim in Swansea Bay inspired by a friend who does all that Iron Man stuff. I was spurred on to believe I can actually do this three discipline thing. Coupled with the admiration of the workers helping the poor little children of the school in that desperate township in Jo'Burg, I took the challenge of training all year for a hat trick of triathlons.

So, TLC made the decision to focus our global attention on the school, where we have made a little contribution, to make a big difference. I'm also two triathlons down and one to go so 6 weeks away from completing my goals.
This isn't a begging bowl for the charity, nor is it about me in any way. It's a communication to invite anybody that wishes to help that little bit towards our beautiful goal to rebuild a nice environment for the future of the school, so without any obligation at all, please feel free to donate any spare change for this fabulous cause.

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Millennials: a marketing nightmare or dream come true?

Millennials: a marketing nightmare or dream come true?

We break it down into five simple truth’s that’ll change your outlook on the most over-marketed group in history.


Not all Millennials are the same

From the ‘Hip-ennial’ to the ‘Millennial Mum, this a group with wide varying aspirations and lifestyle behaviors.  It is impossible to connect to them all in the same way, so don’t take the one size fits all, and if you do, don’t be surprised if your campaign performs below expectations.

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Top tips on how your brand can own 2016

TLC Marketing's tips on how your brand can own 2016

How can brands stay stong in 2016 and beat the war on price? How can brand values be retained and long term customer loyalty be obtained?

  • Add value and retain brand values. Don't feel forced into a cycle of discounts, we found 49% of customers actually considered special promotions to be very important in their decision making process when buying personal care products online. Special promotions don’t have to be price led, instead give your customers a purchase incentive that means something to them, enhances your brand positioning and doesn’t hurt your bottom line.
  • To tap into big events. We are set to have an action packed 2016. With Wimbledon, the Olympics and many other big events happening this year there is a wealth of opportunities to tap into. Tap into the health trend by offering your customers free sports lessons and wellness treatments designed to pamper and energise consumers in the new year.
  • Own the occasion. How can brands own the occasion? At TLC Marketing we have a dedicated Premiums team who can source anything you need perhaps a branded beach towel to upsell suncream, a free magazine or book stand to help sunbathers get the most out of their time in the sun, anything is possible. Just drop us an email and speak to our team.
  • Incentivise subscriptions. Nearly 40% of consumers who regularly purchase health and beauty products online say they're signed up for a subscription service. When it comes to products that consumers use regularly, subscription and loyalty services remove the need of having to make frequent trips to the store. Rewarding these subscriptions makes for a more loyal consumer base. Get in touch with the TLC team to find out which one of our 1,500 partners you could work with.
  • Create Loyalty. Earlier this year TLC Marketing worked with Rite Aid to provide 5 tiers of rewards for the new year, rewarding those loyal to the brand with tailored treats! The programme was a resounding success with a sales uplift of 11%. Get in touch with our team and see how we could do the same for your brand.


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Be A Life Saver

TLC Marketing Worldwide supports MOAS

Be A Life Saver. No one deserves to die at sea.

Last year over 3400 people drowned fleeing for a better life.

One family couldn’t stand by and just watch, they bought a boat and equipped a crew that saved 3000 people in 60 days. This year with the Global Refugee Crisis, they need our help.

As part of the TLC Trust, we’re coming together to raise money for the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), the crew of international humanitarians, security, medical staff and maritime officers who are back at sea preventing more catastrophes.

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TLC Marketing Explains the Importance of Relationship Marketing on Corporate Review

TLC Marketing Explains the Importance of Relationship Marketing

TLC CEO Mike Scalera sat down with industry expert and CEO of Loyalty 360 Mark Johnson to talk Relationship Marketing and TLC’s unique approach to promotions. The segment, hosted by Donald Trump Jnr explores the importance of connecting with customers on an emotional level and how this approach is leading the way in increasing sales and creating brand advocacy, loyalty & retention for TLC’s clients.

TLC Marketing takes pride in its position as the industry leader in delivering unique experiential reward campaigns to customers. TLC brings a brands positioning to life through fun and engaging Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle rewards, creating a strong emotional connection between people and a brand.

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Back to School : Say No to discounting and Yes to Adding Value

Back to school, TLC Marketing, adding value to your promotional campaigns

 Back To School. A time when coupons and rand off promotions reign king. You only have to step into retailers to see brands devaluing themselves with half-price backpacks, drink bottles, school stationary or 2 for 1 lunchbox snacks. Clothing retailers often fall victim to price cutting and bundling too, by discounting school shoes, apparel and accessories.
There is a proven way to stand out on shelf while simultaneously adding value. Offer something amazing, something fun; experiences that are exciting to your demographic. TLC Marketing creates emotional connections between brands and their customers by delivering the most engaging rewards and experiences, tailored to each demographic.
TLC Marketing USA and Reynold’s rewarded every purchase of Hefty slider bags with a free photo book to remember the summer holidays, a perfect way for Hefty to connect emotionally and drive purchase.
Don’t forget that weary parents have spent the school holidays chasing after children and juggling work with kids at home; they deserve to be rewarded. Spa treatments or the chance to kick back with dinner and a movie are the perfect treat.

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TLC Marketing’s healthy partnership with wearables


TLC Marketing Worldwide has started working with world class wearable brands as part of their global partnership portfolio.

TLC Marketing’s Chairman, Nick True commented: “There’s an enormous opportunity in connected health and fitness, so we are thrilled to add wearables to our global partnership portfolio.  More and more customers are taking a proactive approach and responsibility for their own health and fitness, and wearble tech, smartphones and apps are rapidly becoming key user platforms.  We’ve got a couple of our clients eager to use the products in their marketing campaigns already – so watch this space.”

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TLC Marketing Africa appoints new Partnership and Content Director

TLC Marketing Africa appoints new Partnership and Content Director

TLC Marketing is proud to announce a new addition to their dynamic team, Ntsiki Balfour who will head up the Partnership and Content division of the agency. He will be responsible for the strategic direction of TLC’s partner relations, both for independent networks & key brand partnerships. He will be tasked with innovation of the department including leading the local digital transformation of some of TLC’s core reward networks.

Ntsiki has over 12 years experience in the media, sales and marketing industry, working for the likes of Viacom, ETV and the SABC. “The communication value chain is constantly evolving and challenging marketers to come up with communications that integrate seamlessly into the consumer’s life and respond to the ever fragmenting communications mode. “ I’m really excited to join TLC Marketing as they embrace this change and are pioneers in incentive marketing-led campaigns that inspire consumers to react in a way that our clients desire...” Ntsiki Balfour.

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TLC Marketing’s 4 top tips for Mother’s Day campaigns


Mother’s Day is the one day in the year devoted to our mums. Therefore it’s imperative that we let them know how special they are. But do you know what mums really want for Mother’s Day? Here at TLC we’ve been talking to brands worldwide about how they can create campaigns to make mothers feel special and give them what they really want.

Here are our top tips:

Number 1

Quality time with family: According to a recent survey by PriceGrabber, 44% of mums would like to spend more quality time with family. Imagine a campaign which allowed just that, like the campaign we ran for with MLC insurance in Australia http://www.tlcmarketing.com/Market/au/Article/Post/MLC-Insurance-Entertainment-Pass- where we offered 2 for 1 Cinema tickets and 2 for 1 “Days Out” with the renewal of a policy.

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Organic Foods are Here to Stay and the Market is More Competitive than Ever for Brands

TLC Marketings view on the growth of Organic Foods

Organic foods are continually growing in popularity and are no longer a trend or an alternative to mainstream food products. Organic foods are part of the mainstream, they are here to stay.
Not only are organic foods here to stay, they are taking over the aisles and don’t come cheap. While fresh produce is the biggest organic item, consumers are looking out for organic milk, snacks, baby products, cooking oils, juices and even dog foods. There is too, a constant increase in the popularity of health, herbal and fitness supplements.
*Organic baby food is a growing segment in the organic market as more and mothers choose to bring their children up as naturally as possible. This consumer is desirable as they are willing to spend big in the name of organic at the same time as sales of other FMCG products sit reasonably still. With this competitive nature, brands must start looking towards promotions that invite trial, reward purchase and excite the customer. They must resonate with the Moms who only want the best for their families, and the boomers who are looking to live a healthier, more active life.

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The hard truth about loyalty

TLC Marketing at the Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty conference

“To avoid a price race to the bottom of the barrel, loyalty programs need advanced segmentation, highly relevant targeting and enriched customer experience to set them apart”, this is the hard truth about loyalty programs according to Preneshen Munian Agency Director of TLC Marketing Africa. Preneshen will be delving further into this topic and the ‘Golden Rules’ of Loyalty  at the annual Brand Equity & Customer Loyalty Conference 2015, taking place on the 25th and 26th March in Johannesburg.
The conference will be highlighting the most important aspects regarding branding strategies, loyalty programs, customer retention, partnerships, implementation, technology, brand equity, technology advancements in South Africa and how it affects the industry and measuring these brand & loyalty programs. The event will bring marketing, PR, and communication professionals the opportunity to successfully introduce and maintain loyalty programs.

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Join the excitement of this year's Rugby World Cup

Rugby world cup campaign tips from TLC Marketing's agency team

With the Rugby World Cup coming up this Spring brand sponsors are already in planning mode, but what can you do as a non-sponsor to leverage this opportunity?

Here at TLC we've shortlisted our four top tips on how to get involved:

  • Reward the biggest rugby fans with tickets to local games and rugby events
  • Give all of your customers the chance to look the part with personalised rugby balls and vintage rugby shirts
  • Bring the pitch to them with free inflatable rugby posts
  • Throw your customers a party with free braai kit for all the family to celebrate

Here at TLC we understand how to create the perfect reward campaign. Check out  South Africa sports campaigns here.

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Leveraging Hyper-Personalisation

Marketing trends in South Africa, hyper personalisation campaigns

Hyper Personalization seems to be the tool that marketers have only dreamed of for years: a tool that enables companies to collect mass amounts of individualized information about their customers. 

Hyper Personalization has been defined as the use of data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services, and content.* Marketers would now have the ability to create more meaningful connections with their customers, and drive customer loyalty through a type of customization that was previously considered impossible.

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TLC Marketing chats to Jeremy Maggs about Adding Value to brands

TLC Marketing and Jeremy Maggs chat about adding value to your brand

Our Managing Director, Derek Miller, was interviewed by Jeremy Maggs from The Redzone. Derek advises on how to Add Value to your brand. In the interview Derek also delves into the importance of brand building in South Africa, how incentivisation with purchase helps build loyalty to a brand and how a reward campaign has to be totally intune with the brand positioning and customer profile. Watch the interview here.

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Our top marketing predications for 2015

TLC Marketing South Africa's predictions for 2015

Technology continuing to drive change
We predict neuro-marketing techniques crossing into mainstream marketing territory. With big players such as Neilson leading this movement we see this becoming more accessible in 2015. Planning will play a crucial role in the push & pull relationship between creative and data. The question of whether it’s used correctly, pre or post production is yet to be debated.

Complexities of marketing streamlined
We expect a burst of new businesses aimed at helping marketing professionals simplify their work load. The breadth of channels, the volume of data and the expectation of real time responses will drive companies to look for simplifying solutions. According to Adobe 64% percent of marketers expect their role to change in the next year and 33% are confused over their role and responsibilities.

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Value Perceptions expected to change says TLC Marketing Worldwide

 TLC Marketing South Africa's advice on value perceptions

Companies should re-examine their promise of value, says Preneshen Munian, Agency Director of TLC Marketing Worldwide South Africa.

"As the economy shifts into a lower gear, many companies are moving from advertising glitz and product features to talking about value. We see marketing campaigns speak of 'more for your money' or 'cost plus 3%', but often those campaigns fail to move the sales needle," says Munian.

Munian, is acutely aware that a company needs sales volumes to counteract the drop in margins that many of these "value campaigns" call for. This exposes the company to greater financial risk if sales do not materialise.

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Discounts alone do not make a successful promotional strategy

Advice from TLC Marketing on successful promotional strategies

South African companies spent R19bn on promotional marketing in 2013 - but only 26% of that was on value-added promotions, with the rest on price promotions. Derek Miller, Managing Director of TLC Marketing Africa, advises on how promotional marketers can correct the imbalance.

Everyone knows the four 'P's of marketing: Price, Product, Promotions and Place. Last year SA marketers spent a massive R19bn on promotional marketing: only 26% of that was spent on value-added promotions, according to a recent market sizing study by TLC South Africa. Naturally ATL marketing took the majority share of this, in order to maintain brand awareness and value for money.The rest was channelled into discounts, which suggests that even with the recession moving behind us, it looks like many brands' first thought is to discount.

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How to make your brand stand out in store

TLC Marketing's advice on how to make your brand stand out in store from TLC Marketing

“Differentiate. Don’t discount, add value”, this was the advice given by Derek Miller, Africa Managing Director of TLC Marketing Worldwide at the POPAI SA Retail Leaders Shopper Marketing Conference held on the 21 of August in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The enlightening conference was attended by brand custodians, retailers and category specialists within the retail marketing industry. Topics discussed consisted of various point of purchase and shopper marketing associated research and development.

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TLC makes a difference on Mandela Day

TLC Marketing  makes a difference


“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” – Nelson Mandela
A difference is exactly TLC Marketing South Africa made on Mandela Day for the children at Diepsloot Community Care Centre. The children were treated to hotdogs, juice, chips and with each child receiving warm winter essentials at the end of the morning. It was truly a  heartwarming and gratifying experience for all those that attended.

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Care Connect Grow and excite your current consumers

Expert global advice on rewards from TLC Marketing

 “Care, Connect, Grow, excite your current consumers! You can only break frontiers by being different, challenging yourself, ideas, and selecting rewards that fit your consumer’s needs” this was the recommendation given by Paul Appalsamy, PDI Director of TLC Marketing Worldwide, to attendees at the annual Loyalty and Rewards conference held  in Johannesburg last week.

The conference covered key topics surrounding the advancements of loyalty programmes in and around South Africa such as:  the importance of digital platforms for customer on-boarding, gaining a competitive advantage in the industry and especially in South Africa, building CRM through innovation and technology and tools that are viable to utilize in order to maintain a good content management system.

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Imagine if every chocolate bar came with a free sports lesson…

Sports lesson and lifestyle rewards from TLC Marketing

That’s exactly what the team at TLC Marketing is proposing to some of our biggest brands in SA.

TLC Marketing has scoured the entire country creating  partnerships with some of the best kids sport providers – everyone from swimming  schools in Gauteng , dance schools in Western Cape and soccer academies  in Kwa-Zulu Natal  to create their ‘free sports lesson’ reward.

According to www.the-diet.co.za, it is estimated that 1 in 5 South African children is either overweight or obese, with 20% of children under the age of six being overweight. This is mainly due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Children who play computer games or sit in front of the TV all day long don't get any exercise and thus their bodies do not burn as much energy as they should.

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