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Back to School : Say No to discounting and Yes to Adding Value

Posted by supriya.singh | 27 May

 Back To School. A time when coupons and rand off promotions reign king. You only have to step into retailers to see brands devaluing themselves with half-price backpacks, drink bottles, school stationary or 2 for 1 lunchbox snacks. Clothing retailers often fall victim to price cutting and bundling too, by discounting school shoes, apparel and accessories.
There is a proven way to stand out on shelf while simultaneously adding value. Offer something amazing, something fun; experiences that are exciting to your demographic. TLC Marketing creates emotional connections between brands and their customers by delivering the most engaging rewards and experiences, tailored to each demographic.
TLC Marketing USA and Reynold’s rewarded every purchase of Hefty slider bags with a free photo book to remember the summer holidays, a perfect way for Hefty to connect emotionally and drive purchase.
Don’t forget that weary parents have spent the school holidays chasing after children and juggling work with kids at home; they deserve to be rewarded. Spa treatments or the chance to kick back with dinner and a movie are the perfect treat.