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TLC's Marketing's Interview with Gaby's Earth Foods TLC's Marketing's Interview with Gaby's Earth Foods

Gaby's Earth Food's NUTS about Health

Posted by supriya.singh | 04 August

At just 23, Adriano Salgado has taken over as Director of this family run business, Gaby’s Earth Foods. From humble beginnings 20 years ago to a thriving brand distributed nationally and in some African countries , the brand has grown to be a true South African success story. Now some may say it is a mammoth task at just 23 but this is not the case for this dynamic, down to earth young man. TLC Marketing Worldwide-Africa sat down with Adriano to find out how he is adjusting to the role and to find out what he has planned for the company going forward.


TLC Marketing Worldwide: Adriano can you tell me why the company was started and why the name Gaby’s Earth Foods?
Salgado : The company was started by my dad Manuel Salgado or Manny as he is affectionately known, about 20 years ago. My dad wanted to provide healthy foods to consumers at an affordable price, “from his family to your family” and so the business was born. All our products are dry-roasted and contain no oil, that’s what makes us unique. Gaby’s Earth Foods is named after my baby sister Gabriella, it’s truly a family business!
TLC Marketing Worldwide: What are the key business practices that you have learnt from your dad ?
Salgado : I have learned so much from my dad, I  learn from him every day, he is truly an inspirational guy. When the company was started it was not easy, my parents fulfilled many roles in the company from sales to distribution in order to build the company and it was difficult for the first three years. My grandpa even worked with us and I am proud to say that a lot of the staff that started this journey with us are still with us today. I personally have spent time in the factory and learning about the business since I was  five years old and have done everything from labelling to driving a forklift, to attending sales meetings with my parents. Besides the obvious practice of hard work, the most important thing I have learnt from my dad is that business is about the relationships you build with people, from suppliers to customers and staff. Strong relationships build trust and confidence and in turn, this will help your business grow.


TLC Marketing Worldwide: Are there any key milestones during the growth of the company that you would like to share?
Salgado :  A definite milestone would be Gaby’s Earth Foods being listed in Dischem. I think both our brands share the same goal in terms of promoting health and wellness.
TLC Marketing Worldwide: Tell us a little about yourself and what your vision is for the company going forward.
Salgado :  Well I graduated from UCT with an Honours in Finance and was considering perusing a career in investment banking in the UK. The opportunity then arose for me to take over the director role from Dad and so I chose my first love which is my family and the company. I do realise that I am in a privileged position which I am so grateful for and its something that I would never take for granted. My vision is to take the company to the next level through building the brand and engaging with our consumers. The Gaby’s Earth Foods Facebook page is launching at the beginning of August and it will be our platform to share health and wellness content. The other project I am very excited about is the revamp of our current packaging which will filter into stores in September.