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TLC Marketing Explains the Importance of Relationship Marketing

TLC Marketing Explains the Importance of Relationship Marketing on Corporate Review

Posted by supriya.singh | 28 July

TLC CEO Mike Scalera sat down with industry expert and CEO of Loyalty 360 Mark Johnson to talk Relationship Marketing and TLC’s unique approach to promotions. The segment, hosted by Donald Trump Jnr explores the importance of connecting with customers on an emotional level and how this approach is leading the way in increasing sales and creating brand advocacy, loyalty & retention for TLC’s clients.

TLC Marketing takes pride in its position as the industry leader in delivering unique experiential reward campaigns to customers. TLC brings a brands positioning to life through fun and engaging Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle rewards, creating a strong emotional connection between people and a brand.

“Everything about our business is focused on establishing a strong emotional connection between our clients’ brands and consumers. We start with the demographics of the target consumer, and use a great deal of research to determine their interests. This research is turned into actionable reward strategies and campaigns that drive individuals to be more engaged and loyal to that brand.”

Great customer experiences correspond with retention, enrichment and brand advocacy, but it’s not easy for brands to build and deliver these differentiated experiences for customers. The unique way in which TLC uses customer insights and partnership networks to deliver personalized experiences exceeds the customers’ expectations and develops emotionally relevant brand experiences.

Mark Johnson also adds, “It is very important today for brands to connect with their customers on an emotional level. It’s hard to attain, but once you have that emotional connection, you have a very loyal and engaged audience, and having that is very important from a financial respect for brands.”

The traditional approaches to loyalty and CRM aren’t cutting it anymore. Customers are smarter and are looking for more than just points, coupons and discounts. Incorporating experiential benefits that engage customers at an emotional level is the smarter approach with a proven lift in sales and rise in brand advocacy and loyalty.

Paul Lazarus, Agency Director for TLC Marketing US provides the insight, “Cutting prices, coupons and traditional ways of driving sales volume do not create long-term relationships. We buy brands because of how they make us feel, not just for the needs they meet. We create the opportunity for bands to have a role and relevancy in the lives of consumers that goes way beyond the point of purchase,”

Concluding the interview, Mike notes, “At TLC, we bridge the gap between mere advertising and the goal of actually relating to consumers. That is the essence of creating long-term value in a brand.”

VP of Programming of Corporate Review, JL Haber, notes, “We focus on finding and educating our viewers on companies with innovative approaches and cutting-edge solutions to everyday problems. Certainly, nothing is more important than the effective marketing insights that TLC Marketing brings to the table.”