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The 5 Golden Rules of Loyalty- the TLC Marketing Perspective

The 5 Golden Rules of Loyalty- the TLC Marketing Perspective

Posted by supriya.singh | 01 April


“Ask not what your customers can do for you. Ask what you can do for your customers”, this was one of the 5 Golden Rules of Loyalty communicated by Preneshen Munian Agency Director of TLC Marketing Africa to delegates who attended the annual Brand Equity and Loyalty Conference is Johannesburg last week.


The conference highlighted the most important aspects regarding branding strategies, loyalty programs, customer retention, partnerships, implementation, technology, brand equity, technology advancements in South Africa and how it affects the industry and measuring these brand & loyalty programs.


Preneshen also went on to emphasize that brands need to ensure that their loyalty schemes suits their clients’ needs and that “it’s not about the customer being loyal to you, but you being loyal to the customer”.

TLC Marketing has over 20 years of experience in delivering successful campaigns ranging from loyalty platforms to added value consumer incentives by using intelligence from 14 international offices as part of the TLC Marketing Worldwide Group.