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The hard truth about loyalty

Posted by supriya.singh | 24 March

“To avoid a price race to the bottom of the barrel, loyalty programs need advanced segmentation, highly relevant targeting and enriched customer experience to set them apart”, this is the hard truth about loyalty programs according to Preneshen Munian Agency Director of TLC Marketing Africa. Preneshen will be delving further into this topic and the ‘Golden Rules’ of Loyalty  at the annual Brand Equity & Customer Loyalty Conference 2015, taking place on the 25th and 26th March in Johannesburg.
The conference will be highlighting the most important aspects regarding branding strategies, loyalty programs, customer retention, partnerships, implementation, technology, brand equity, technology advancements in South Africa and how it affects the industry and measuring these brand & loyalty programs. The event will bring marketing, PR, and communication professionals the opportunity to successfully introduce and maintain loyalty programs.