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TLC Marketing's tips on how your brand can own 2016

Top tips on how your brand can own 2016

Posted by rochelle.fowler | 15 January

How can brands stay stong in 2016 and beat the war on price? How can brand values be retained and long term customer loyalty be obtained?

  • Add value and retain brand values. Don't feel forced into a cycle of discounts, we found 49% of customers actually considered special promotions to be very important in their decision making process when buying personal care products online. Special promotions don’t have to be price led, instead give your customers a purchase incentive that means something to them, enhances your brand positioning and doesn’t hurt your bottom line.
  • To tap into big events. We are set to have an action packed 2016. With Wimbledon, the Olympics and many other big events happening this year there is a wealth of opportunities to tap into. Tap into the health trend by offering your customers free sports lessons and wellness treatments designed to pamper and energise consumers in the new year.
  • Own the occasion. How can brands own the occasion? At TLC Marketing we have a dedicated Premiums team who can source anything you need perhaps a branded beach towel to upsell suncream, a free magazine or book stand to help sunbathers get the most out of their time in the sun, anything is possible. Just drop us an email and speak to our team.
  • Incentivise subscriptions. Nearly 40% of consumers who regularly purchase health and beauty products online say they're signed up for a subscription service. When it comes to products that consumers use regularly, subscription and loyalty services remove the need of having to make frequent trips to the store. Rewarding these subscriptions makes for a more loyal consumer base. Get in touch with the TLC team to find out which one of our 1,500 partners you could work with.
  • Create Loyalty. Earlier this year TLC Marketing worked with Rite Aid to provide 5 tiers of rewards for the new year, rewarding those loyal to the brand with tailored treats! The programme was a resounding success with a sales uplift of 11%. Get in touch with our team and see how we could do the same for your brand.