In a recent call with a potential client we referenced Kantar Consulting’s graph on the public’s emotional response to the present situation. After the downward plunge of disbelief, shock, and despair, the curve starts to rally and ascends towards an ‘experimental’ phase, in a stage called ‘new beginnings’.

This more positive period of acceptance resonates with many – as a colleague said to me last week, “If I don’t come out of this a different person, I’ve wasted an opportunity”

So, what are we all going to do with the time? I recently saw a post about Lidl’s middle aisle causing a stir in Ireland. The normal power tools and barbeques had been replaced by trumpets, oboes and all manner of instruments. It seems the wind (section) of change may already be blowing over us as we try to find new ways to pass our time in lockdown usefully.

You could argue Lidl’s trumpets may cause as much pain as they bring joy, but by using this unique time to learn an instrument, speak a language or even get a qualification in accounting, will, I believe, eventually benefit us all. A change in society begins with a change in all of us, and a healthy dose of betterment on an individual level is a great place to start – just be mindful of your neighbours!

So back to the client meeting and Kantars’ graph? At each stage there was a positive experience that we recommended the brand should offer its consumers, to sympathise, entertain and then of course inspire.

Sadly their budget didn’t stretch to all three.