‘I know when to go out and when to stay in’ so sang David Bowie in pre-pandemic Modern Love.

Sadly things aren’t so clear cut now.

As we ease the lockdown restrictions one thing is certain, and that’s that uncertainty will rule. Whether it’s confusion about government guidelines or simply our own fears and doubts, things will take a long time getting back to normal.

Of course practicality will drive us. For example, having to go back to work, which means for the vast majority of us returning to public transport and sharing our office space (whether we like it or not!): but in our leisure lives we may think differently.

When will we feel content to sit in a dark, enclosed cinema with 200 strangers? Will a gym ever feel safe again and will we be happy to take the kids to a theme park?

The answer is of course different for all of us: it’s not in a brand’s interest to try and force the issue, despite the easing of restrictions by our higher powers.

Instead in response, we’ve started to offer all our clients the ability to add value in the form of ‘experiences’, a choice of leisure time activities that their customers can redeem and use inside or outside the home, and gives them the very personal choice about how they exercise their new found freedoms.

So if your target market has got into the habit of living room Pilates, or feels brave enough to take a personal trainer session in the park, our advice is to offer both and allow them to transition out of lockdown in the way they feel most comfortable.