Whether your consumers enjoy whiling away hours in the peaceful surroundings of an art gallery, broadening their minds at the theatre or scaring themselves silly with a bungee jump, we have the perfect reward to hand. On top of that we can offer you individual experiences or group a number together, all accessible through one of our creatively packaged campaigns.


Our beauty rewards are at the heart of some of our biggest selling campaigns.

We’ve created promotions offering everything from haircuts, manicures and pedicures to body wraps, facials and makeovers for brands as diverse as Appletiser, Head and Shoulders, Bosch and Chicco.

And the real beauty is that while perceived value is extremely high, our agency business model makes beauty rewards surprisingly affordable, allowing many brands promotions to offer a luxurious treatment with every purchase.


Rewards don’t come much more mouth-watering. Whether you want to tempt your audience with a 2 for 1 dining campaign or an exclusive gin tasting, we can provide you with a promotion that they’ll find truly intoxicating.

From discount dining cards, free entrée, desert or wines, to exclusive deals with Michelin-starred restaurants, as Coca Cola, Microsoft and LG have discovered, TLC Marketing has dining rewards to suit all tastes.


Downloads, magazine subscriptions, music & more.  By partnering with well known media suppliers, publishers, retailers and independents we can deliver top quality entertainment, themed to your brand.
We’ve found that subscriptions can build loyalty, whereas giving away a music track with every purchase can drive trial and frequency. And for big ticket items like TVs and laptops the promise of a free movie streaming reward campaign can prove irresistible.


TLC money acts just like cash because it is cash. No catches. It’s money in the form of a pre-loaded credit card. You can brand it and dress it up in a campaign as a taxi card, fuel card, takeaway card, whatever you like.

And because the card has your name on it, when people are spending their reward money, they will always remember who they have to thank.


What could be better than getting your favourite brands FREE?

At TLC Marketing our agency team can source any big brand retail voucher at highly competitive rates and our relationship with leading manufacturers means we can secure unbeatable deals. Fancy a new Ice watch or a pair of stylish Adidas trainers? Mobile phone buyers did, so we sourced both products at a price that allowed our clients to offer them a promotion where they were free with purchase.


The ‘gift with purchase’ (GWP) has been around since the dawn of marketing and it still works brilliantly today. Our dedicated and highly experienced premiums team can offer an infinite range of imaginatively conceived items.

The right GWP or premium, be it a licensed product or one conceived from scratch, can deliver outstanding results. Premiums increase brand exposure way beyond the initial sales impact and have promotional stats to prove it.


If you’re after star studded results, cinema really pulls in the punters.

With our cinema partners across the globe we can offer a single free ticket with purchase or annual 2 for 1 savings (and anything in between).

As a result, we’ve helped brands such as Renault, Volkswagen and Nokia give away millions of free movie seats with test drive campaigns, loyalty schemes and via on-pack promotions.


We are all expected to take more responsibility for our health, but this can be expensive. So we’ve created networks of health professionals that can deliver rewards with a genuine value to your audience.

We work alongside industry approved associations to offer the best practitioners in a range of specialist fields. Dentists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and more, offer services from free consultations and treatments to full body health-checks for your campaign. A healthy customer is a happy customer.


House work, washing the car, laundry…we all agree most chores are boring.

A TLC Marketing service reward takes care of the annoying things and gives back the most precious gift of all – time.

We can offer baby-sitting, van rental, gardening and services such as electricians and plumbers. It’s rewards like these that brands like BMW in Germany and Garmin in the UK have found very popular in their promotions.


On court or online, with a TLC Marketing reward your audience can get fit any way they like. We can offer promotions featuring group sessions or personal training for beginners to the advanced sportsman and woman.

Lessons and coaching sessions can be face to face with qualified professionals or through online tutorials, whichever suits your audience.

From golf and tennis to the latest fitness crazes such as Zumba, TLC Marketing have all the reward bases covered.


In this increasingly hectic world, there’s never been a better time to offer the reward of ‘me time.’

With TLC Marketing your customers can enjoy yoga or Pilates classes, an acupuncture session or even immerse themselves in some floating therapy as part of your campaign. We can offer whatever rewards they need to find the Ying to their Yang and create a harmonious campaign.


From free flights and holiday accommodation to travel insurance and tours, TLC Marketing offers a world of choice.

As some of the strongest players in the travel business, our partners offer world beating deals that our clients use for campaigns to sell anything from cookers to cameras.

TLC Marketing can name Samsung, Continental Tyres and Toshiba amongst recent clients, each seeing an enviable sales uplift during their promotions.


Here at TLC Marketing we understand loyalty and every version of it. From a tactical campaign to boost brand advocacy to a long term solution with real time response systems. To help us provide you with the perfect loyalty solution we’ve strategically partnered with the best consultancy and IT systems to offer you something quite unique.


The right incentive, in the right place, at the right time and the right price. Anywhere in the world. That’s the TLC Marketing promise.